-Finish: Stainless Steel
-Power Rating: 110V/60Hz
-General Input Power: 151 W (148W+2×1.5W)
-Motor Input Power: 148 W
-Motor Revolution: 900RPM (±10%) to 1300 RPM (±10%)
-Speed Level: 4 Speed
-Maximum Airflow: 900CFM
-Air Pressure: 150 Pa (200 Pa Maximum)
-Noise Level (dB/Sone): Approximately 28 / 0.7 to 54 / 6.0 (lowest to highest speed)
-Motor Type: Single Chamber Ultra Quiet
-Fan Type: Centrifugal / Sirocco
-Control Type: Electronic Touch Sensitive
-Filtration Type: Stainless steel baffle filter
-Illumination: LED 1.5W Type 120V
-Venting Size: Top, 6 inches round
-Interference Protection: Radio Frequency Interference Protected